About us

Mockup.expert is a manufacturing company that is a leader in packaging prototyping in Russia

We use the latest equipment from Japanese manufacturers for digital printing and cutting. Production is located in Moscow.

Our service

Our advantage is involvement in all stages of the project so we can be helpful on design stage, material selection and printing. We illustrate how packaging ideas will be implemented using our printing, finishing and folding options. As technical consultants we offer creative solutions for the joint implementation of your ideas and projects.


Our products

Our product range is not a fixed set of offers. We are constantly expanding the range of services, materials, processing and finishing methods due to client’s requests. Please contact us to start implementing any complex and creative tasks.

Our products

We can print and process all common packaging materials.
We have more than 200 different substrates in stock as we work with Russian and European suppliers of films and paper. Capacity of laminating, applying primer and varnish, as well as foil stamping makes the range of possible packaging materials almost unlimited


Our clients

Our clients are major manufacturers of food, confectionery, hygiene and cosmetics products.


 Raskovoy ulitsa 34, stroenie 14
     127015 Moscow, Russia

 +7 (499) 130-6979


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